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Rightway Internet Money Transfer

Rightway offers money transfer services to individuals with no need to open a bank account. You can send cash online with Rightway in several ways: online money wiring, international money transfer, using prepaid debit card, via WebMoney or using cheques sent by post or paid in at the branch. We collaborate with such well-known transfer provider as Contact, and our technology ensures that, wherever your money is going, the recipient can collect the payment in some minutes after it is sent.

Why transfer cash online with Rightway?

  • - No bank account required

  • - 24/7 available financial services

  • - Rapid online money transactions

  • - 100% safe money sending services

  • - Efficient online and offline customer support in 6 languages

  • - We provide international money transfers: you can send and receive cash between more than 70,000 locations in 100 countries worldwide

To do money transferring via Internet, you can go online, give us a call or come to our office in London.

Rightway Money Transfer: go online to send/receive cash

If you choose to use our online system, you will have to open an account with Rightway.

  1. Open a Rightway account.

  2. Pay in the required sum on your account.

  3. Use the Money Transfer page of our website to place your instruction. The money will be sent by us from your account. Notifications can be sent to you and/or the recipients via SMS-text, email or telephone.

If you wish to receive money online, please do the following:

  1. Open a Rightway account.

  2. Your incoming Money Transfer will automatically be credited to your account. No fees will be charged. Once the money has been credited, you can send money online to bank account in the UK or abroad via a standing order or on your specific instruction (for a single transfer). Notifications can be sent to you and/or the senders via SMS-text, e-mail or telephone.

Rightway Money Transfer: use your telephone

In order to send money using telephone, give us a call and provide us with the following information: the name, date of birth, and passport number of the receiver, the amount of the money transfer, and the destination of the transfer. We will then tell you the final amount of your transfer including our commission, and a bank account number to which you should send the amount, so that we can make the transfer. When the money transfer has been made, we will send you confirmation by SMS-text or telephone with the reference number of the transfer.

In order to receive money over the phone, give us a call and tell us the reference number of the transfer, the amount of the transfer, your full name and your passport number. We will ask how to deliver the money to you: you can either give us your bank details or a physical address, to which we can send a cheque.

You can send/receive a maximum of GBP 700 by contacting us over the telephone.

Rightway Money Transfer: come to our office

If you choose to come in person, please bring:

  • - For outgoing transfers up to GBP 700 - ID (valid passport or UK driving license)

  • - For outgoing transfers up to GBP 1,500 - ID and a recent proof of address (utility bill)

  • - For outgoing transfers above GBP 1,500 - ID, recent proof of address and proof of the money’s origin

At the branch we will ask you to fill out a form, specifying the transfer destination, the amount sent, and the name, surname and passport number of the receiver. We will then explain to you how the money is sent, how long it takes to reach the recipient, and the available choice of currencies for sending and receiving. When you have chosen the currencies, we will calculate and tell you exactly how much the recipient will receive in the destination country. If you are receiving a transfer, we will ask you to present your valid passport and to provide us with a reference number for the transaction as well as the amount you are to receive (the sender can tell you the reference number and the amount).

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding the Rightway money sending services, please contact us.